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8.0.8 for Android



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We Heart It is an app that allows you to find photos of the topics that you like the most and save them either in the cloud (in your We Heart It account) or on your Android device.

We Heart It works very similarly to other image sharing sites like Pinterest. You can choose the tags that interest you the most and search for all of the images uploaded by other users that contain those tags.

Of course, you can also follow other We Heart It users and be followed in return. When you find a user whose photos you generally like, you just have to follow them to make it so that all of their updates appear in your main feed.

When you find a photo that you like, you just have to click on the heart button. By doing so, you will add your own photos to the site and you can see them whenever you want by accessing your account. In addition, you can save them to your device just as easily.

We Heart It is a very elegant photography based social network. You will find tons of photos related to your tastes: cats, food, fashion, cats, cats, and more cats.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or later

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